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The Moldova Energy and Biomass Project (MEBP) aims to support the establishment of one commercial biomass processing business of approximately 1,000 tonnes/year using biomass derived from agricultural waste or from by-products of an agri-industrial process. In order to successfully implement this activity, a study was conducted during the first stage to estimate the energy potential of biomass for briquetting from agricultural crops, at regional and rayon levels.

The analysis identified the biomass potential for briquetting in each district for several types of agricultural biomass. The information obtained will be used as reference while picking up the potential beneficiaries for MEBP support in Moldova.

Another objective of this activity is to encourage the creation of Public-Private Partnerships, which would demonstrate the viability and feasibility for enterprises - producers of fuel out of the local raw material.

The competition will be launched for Local Governments of all levels, along with a local contractor, which would demonstrate that the proposed model is realistic and capable of being implemented in the village or community they represent.

Because of the financial support extended by MEBP, the selected beneficiary will be able to cover part of the investment costs incurred for the procurement of the biomass processing equipment, with the remaining part covered by the beneficiary.

It is assumed that the local government would give the private counterpart the right to manage and use the equipment within the PPP. The pricing for the produced fuel will be set up jointly within the partnership.

The expected impact resulting from the implementation of biomass processing is the possibility to enhance energy safety of rural communities throughout the country, to foster the development of enterprises for processing locally available biomass, and to set up sustainable partnerships, that contribute to the economic development of villages and regions.