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The Moldova Energy and Biomass Project provides support to public institutions from rural communities to have access to renewable energy sources, ensure energy independence, and community development. With the help of the to the financial support, modern biomass-fired heating systems – an alternative to the ones currently in place – will be installed by 2014 in more than 130 rural schools, kindergartens, and community centres across the country. The Energy and Biomass Project will cover the majority of costs related to the installation of alternative heating systems, while the villages are expected to contribute with at least 15% of total investment value.

Each rural public institution from the Republic of Moldova has the opportunity to have briquette/pellet fired heating systems installed with the financial support granted by the Energy and Biomass Project.

Here you can find more information about the biomass-based heating systems installed so far with the financial support of the the Moldova Energy and Biomass Project.

Based on a 2011-2014 schedule determined in advance with the national partners, the Energy and Biomass Project is being launched in each district (see the launching date in your district). On that particular date, the Mayors, agricultural entrepreneurs, and Directors of public institutions from the district communities will find out more details about the requirements to be met in order to have their schools, kindergartens, community centres, and other public institutions connected to biomass-fired heating systems with the Energy and Biomass Project support.

Interested local governments shall submit expressions of interest, stating their willingness to have biomass-fuelled heating systems installed in their schools, kindergartens, community centres and other public institutions. The winning communities will be selected based on specific pre-defined criteria throughout a staged, competitive and transparent process. Find out more about the selection stages and participation conditions.

The Energy and Biomass Project Beneficiaries:

  • District Councils;
  • Local Public Authorities;
  • Local public institutions;
  • NGOs and community centres;
  • Local and regional entrepreneurs, biofuel producers.